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Worked backwards to some early Zork 2's
Did lots of work on Seastalker 16, before getting bogged down in complexity of code

Finished Planetfall release 37. Planetfall 29 is nearly complete

Created basic file for Zork1 demo and did a little work on it

Added combat types for Zork1's, using constants from minizork ZIL
Completed Zork1 demo

Added a few changes for zork1-r88

Did some witness-r22 work

Started work on trinity-r12. Substantial amounts done

Worked more on enchanter-r29. Regularized some parser parts in assorted files.

Wrote script to grep decompiled source and output LastGlobal plus the global var declarations for Verbs, Actions, Preactions (which are always the last 3 global vars) for the following games: amfv-r77 amfv-r79 ballyhoo beyond_zork-r47 beyond_zork-r49 beyond_zork-r51 beyond_zork-r57 borderzone cutthroats enchanter-r10 enchanter-r15 enchanter-r16 enchanter-r24 hijinx-r37 hitch-r31-sg hitch-r47 hitch-r56 hitch-r58 lurking-r219 lurking-r221 moonmist-r65 moonmist-r9 nord_and_bert phobos-r0 phobos-r4-sg phobos-r87 planetfall-r20 planetfall-r26 plundered_hearts sampler1-r26 sampler1-r52 sampler1-r53 sampler1-r55 sampler2 seastalker-r15a seastalker-r15b sorcerer-r67 spellbreaker-r87 stationfall suspect suspended-r5 suspended-r7 suspended-r8a suspended-r8 trinity-r11 trinity-r14 wishbringer-r23-sg wishbringer-r68 wishbringer-r69 zork1-r3-german zork1-r52-sg

Scripted out various changes to many games, to bring consistency to parser routines

Some small work on cutthroats

A little work on German Zork1, even though I don't know German

Worked on Enchanter-r10 extensively
Enchanter r10, 15, 16: completed

Downported Planetfall info to 26, 29.

Some minor fiddling of the zorks

Started Zork 0. Modified Reform source to handle v6 exits.

Started Suspect. Changed all Initialise routines to 'Main'
Rewrite HHGG conf to reflect zil code

Modified a few core routines to reflect ZIL naming

HHGG 59, 58 SUPER-completed.

Changed lots of parser & global routine names to match ZIL HHGG code.

Started sampler1-r26

Finished some assorted things, inc. sorcerer 4, hhgg 56.
Did actions and verb-routines for Ballyhoo
Worked on sorcerer (beta) 67, spellbreaker 63, a few others

Wrote a script to generate progress reports based on naming routines, variables, etc. Currently 61% finished with all known V1-3 games (both depressing and hopeful). I could knock 7 or 8% off just by getting all Verbs and Objects named, and then scripting the Sub's and obj-Action names.

Hollywood Hijinx started, suspended 8 worked on. Wishbringer started

Lots of work on Suspended 8a. Arrays identified, routines named

Worked more on sorcerer beta.
Generated object actions & verb actions for phobos 59
Finished routine names for Suspended 8 and 8a. Prepared for upload to IFarchive.